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Benefits of an EPDM Rubber Roof over a Traditional Felt Roof

The EPDM rubber roofing system is fairly new in this country compared to the traditional felting method. Felt is becoming more and more out dated due to the huge impact that EPDM is having on the flat roofing industry. The average life expectancy of a felt roof is about 10-15 years at the most, often they need replacing before that. An EPDM rubber roof has a proven life expectancy of 50 years plus.

Most roofs can be covered by one sheet of rubber because they come in sheets up to 15m x 30m. This means there are no seems or joins unlike felt which is laid in strips as well as in different layers, joints are the first place where most leaks will occur on felt roofs made more difficult to identify because of the different layers.

Another problem with felt is that it is not flexible so it does not move with the building and therefore will crack. EPDM rubber on the other hand has 200% flexibility so it will move with the building and will never crack. The rubber will never perish because it is ozone and UV stable. Weather conditions do not affect the rubber either; it has been installed in the extreme cold in Alaska and in the soaring temperatures in the Middle East so unlike felt it will not disintegrate in bad weather conditions.

Once you have an EPDM rubber roof installed it is maintenance free, all you may have to do is wipe the edging trim occasionally to keep it clean. You can even lay slabs or put decking on a rubber roof providing the roof can hold the extra weight. The largest manufacturer of EPDM rubber is firestone, the same company that make the tyres. This means that only people who have passed a Firestone training course can install their product; this is different to felt because anyone can just decide to do felt roofing.

If you do decide to have a firestone EPDM rubber roof installed you will receive 20 year manufacturer backed guarantee which is transferable with the property. So if you decide to sell your house in those 20 years, the roof is still guaranteed.

If you currently have a felt roof and you get it replaced with felt again then a lot of felters may just lay the new felt on top of what is already there. With an EPDM roof though the best way to install it is to strip off the existing felt so that the boards can be inspected. If any boards have been damaged by water you can then replace as many as you need. If only 1 or 2 are damaged you can replace them and then over board the whole roof, this will give you a smooth and clean surface to adhere the rubber membrane to.

If most or all the boards are damaged then it is better to replace the whole deck and again this provides a smooth and clean surface to adhere to. Installing a rubber roof is a cold lay system which means there is no heat required so there is no chance of anything catching fire which can happen when laying felt. This method is a lot better than the way some felters do it by just laying felt upon felt. There is also not a great deal of difference in the cost of installing a rubber roof and a felt one carried out by accredited installers.

As you can see the EPDM rubber system is in every way better that felt, it is one piece, maintenance free so once its layed you can forget about it. Overall it is a far superior product.


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