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image03Having taken precise measurements of the roof during the survey a custom fit panel of Firestone EPDM rubber is brought ready cut to size for fitting in one piece, Firestone EPDM is available in rolls up to an incredible 12 metres wide and 30 metres long, so there are very few roofs that we cannot install in one piece, avoiding the problem of leaks through joints, This can be a problem with some other EPDM products.

The existing roof is assessed and the roof can be prepared in two ways:-

1.If there are no leaks it may be possible to overlay the existing old roof material by over boarding, this can only be done of if the existing roof decking and joists are sound. Using this method saves money because it avoids the cost of the disposal of the old materials, felt cannot be recycled and has to be sent to landfill so over boarding is also beneficial to the environment.

2.Where there has been water ingress it will be necessary to strip off the old felt roof and inspect the boarding and replace as necessary with new waterproof boarding, it will still be necessary to overboard the roof because it is necessary to have a smooth surface to attach the rubber membrane.

image04Once the surface has been prepared the Firestone EPDM rubber is then positioned on the roof. One half is pulled back on itself and a special liquid rubber adhesive is roller applied to the timber deck. The process is then repeated on the other half of the roof.

Once complete, specially designed, attractive roof trims and flashing details are attached to the roof perimeter and awkward details including skylights, pipes, and outlets are not a problem as there are specially designed Firestone boots and flashings used to complete the roof making it water tight way.

The completed roof is guaranteed for 20 years with an expected life of about 50 years. We issue a membrane guarantee from the Firestone distributor so you are assured that only Firestone materials have been used during installation.


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